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  • Julie Yeon (Jangan)

Fast Fashion

These days, clothing trends change quickly, making it difficult to match people’s preferences. That’s why people prefer something called fast fashion, which is cheap and trendy. However, if people continue to consume fast fashion, it will cause a lot of problems.

Fast fashion, is cheap, stylish clothing that moves quickly from designs to retail stores in line with the latest trends. In order to quickly produce a variety of products, most use synthetic fibers rather than eco-friendly materials. Fast fashion has started from a social atmosphere that required fast and cheap clothes. It first started in Europe in the 2000s and has spread throughout the country. Since then, the number of SPA companies that quickly provide a variety of clothes to consumers through their own stores has increased. As the number of SPA companies increased, people were able to purchase clothes more conveniently. This is why people are leaning toward fast fashion.

Fast fashion is casting a dark shadow on people and on Earth. It causes lots of problems, but the most important problems are labor exploitation and pollution. Companies pay workers unfair compensation in order to sell clothes at lower prices. Even now, many people are experiencing labor exploitation. The problem of labor exploitation is serious, but environmental problem is even more serious. People buy a lot of cheap fast fashion clothing and don’t wear them and just throw them away. Because of these people, 92 million tons of clothing wasted is generated worldwide every year, but the recycling rate is only 12%. Since there are no ways to separate the plastic raw materials, most of these clothes are not recycled and are land-filled or incinerated. Every year, more than 21 million tons of carbon dioxide is produced. This waste continues to harm the health of global society.


If this fast fashion consumption continues, people’s lives will be threatened. Therefore, people must practice doing slow fashion, which is the opposite of fast fashion. Slow fashion means sustainable fashion. It considers the environment in all production and consumption processes. People design clothes that do not follow trends and can be worn for a long time and make high quality clothes using natural or sustainable, eco-friendly materials, at the same time, workers’ rights are guaranteed too. People can prevent the problem of fast fashion by going through change of slow fashion. It may be hard to take drastic steps to change, and may be a bit more inconvenient for some as well, but it is a step that is needed to taken in order to save things in the future.


Originally, people wore clothes for safety, but these days, people buy and wear clothes according to trends. As everyone follows the same trends, individuality is disappearing. From now on, people should find their own individuality and wear clothes with their own individuality.


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