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Great Hobbies to Choose From

What do you do when you have free time? Because of Covid-19, people spend their time by doing many things that they enjoy. These hobbies can make people feel happy and comfortable. Although there are many things to choose from, there are some interesting and beneficial hobbies such as playing music, exercising, and cooking.

The first hobby I want to talk about is playing an instrument. You can choose the instruments you like—piano, violin, drums, and more. No matter what kind of music you play, learning instruments can given you many benefits. You can acquire a good sense of rhythm and pitch. This can help you enjoy the music that you are playing. Also, you can feel pride and accomplishment when you make progress. You can feel more comfortable and get less stressed because of the beautiful music you play. According to some scientists, learning how to play an instrument can help people to concentrate more on their studies or work. They also say that these students can get better grades than people who don’t play music.

Another great hobby is exercising. You can play sports such as lifting weights and running. Exercising can help you stay healthier than before. You can lose weight or gain muscles to have a beautiful body that most people want. You can try on nicer clothes that you couldn’t wear before. In addition, it can keep you from getting sick because the virus cannot easily attack a healthy body. When you play sports, endorphins can be released from your body. Endorphin is a substance that makes people happy. So, if you are in a bad mood, you can enjoy this hobby and improve the quality of your life. You can be in a better mood and have more energy.

One interesting hobby that you can enjoy at home is cooking. You can cook your own meal, bake bread, or make your own snack. If you start cooking, you can have a joyful time with your family by spending hours together, so it can strengthen the family bond. You can use healthy food ingredients for your own meal and become healthier compared to buying food from the restaurant. Also, kids can have fun by eating the food they made by themselves. If they cook, it would be more likely for children to eat everything they made, preventing them from being picky eaters.

Playing music, exercising, and cooking are great hobbies for people to have because of many reasons. Covid-19 has changed many people’s lives—many started using smartphones and computers too much. I hope you consider some of these fun hobbies instead of looking at your smartphone all the time.


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