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  • Sunny Hwang (G5) Apgujeong

How to Play Table Tennis

Do you know how to play table tennis? Table tennis is an interesting game that I know you would like. If you don't know how to play it, I could show you how to play it.

Table tennis originated in Victorian England. It was played among the upper class as an after-dinner game. The first game was a row of books standing up along the center of the table as a net, and two books as paddles. The ball was a golf ball.

The rules in table tennis are simple. If you hit the ball with your paddle, you have to bounce it two times on the table; one time on your side and one time on the other. After that, you and the opponent can only bounce once on the table to pass the ball. To win, you must make the opponent miss the ball or make the opponent's ball hit the net.

You can lose the game if you bounce the ball two times on the table after the first pass or accidentally pass the ball over the table. If the other player loses, but you hit the ball, you can lose. One game will end with eleven matches. The game could also become 12 or 15 matches if both players have the game score.

The paddle looks like a circle with a short handle on the end. The paddle has two parts; the red part and the black part. You usually hit the ball with the red part, but in times when you can, you can use the black part.

Now that you know about table tennis, invite your friends and play table tennis with them!


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