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  • Justin Kim (G6) Jangan Branch

If Summer Vacations Were Three Months

Many students look up for summer vacations. A summer vacation is a school break during summer. The length of the summer vacation is not fixed, but usually it lasts for at least three months. Some students go on trips to other cities or countries to explore; they can also enjoy their hobbies or just relax. Others look for and apply to part time jobs and prepare for school next year. Like these, students can do a variety of things during the three months of summer vacations. However, in some countries vacations only lasts for three to six weeks, so they can't do as many things as other countries' students do during their summer vacations. A longer vacation benefits students in various ways.

I think that summer vacations should last at least three months, like it mostly does around the world. In South Korea, we don't get three months of summer vacations so we can't enjoy and experience as much as those students who have long summer vacations. They can rest more and earn more money. However, a long summer vacation doesn't mean students get to study less and only enjoy, many students go to libraries or take the extra time to study more of what they learned or new material. When people go on trips, they can learn many educational things through personal experience, such as local history. Personally, a longer summer break is good because experiencing things firsthand is better than learning in school through books. Moreover, students can practice studying by themselves, becoming more independent and responsible. If they work hard, they can concentrate on things easily and it will help them when they grow up.

Furthermore, a longer summer vacation helps people recharge. Usually, students need to get up early and go to school every day and it's tiring. Not to mention that there is a lot of homework, too. Not only students but teachers also need a lot of energy to manage that many students for several hours every day. Teachers should check so many assignments by themselves. Students and teachers don't have to worry about these things during vacations and get the chance to rest. Also, there are no school works, so students can spend more time with their family. Some students don't have enough time to spend time as a family because of school. Nonetheless, if they spend more time together, they can clear all previous misunderstandings and get closer. Lastly, teachers and older students can work part times and save money. Teachers can earn extra money and students can experience social life at work and become more independent.

Everything in life has negative aspects too and a summer vacation is no exception. Students can get lazy and get used to being lazy through a long vacation. If they become comfortable with that lifestyle, it will be hard for them when they go back to school. It will take more time to get up early and get ready on schedule. Also, students can forget the things that they learned previously. Some students don't review over vacations and can't remember the majority, if not anything, that they studied before and their scores will go down. Moreover, if students don't have things to do, they will get bored. They will not find something to do and can get mental stagnation, so it will be hard for them to adapt to school after break. Lastly, they can face problems at home. Spending more time together under the same roof can be good at first, but it can get worse and worse as time passes by. So, most students don't spend time with their family and stay alone most of the time. The relationship with the family can get worse than before if summer vacations become longer.

I know there are negative aspects, but I still think that vacations should last at least three months. We can practice on getting up early and review what we learned to prevent summer learning loss. We can also try to talk and spend more time with the family to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings. If summer vacation becomes longer, we might get the chance to enjoy it more, just like in other countries. We can try and experience more things than before. If vacations become three months, it will not past very fast, so we will be able to challenge ourselves and do more things. I think that summer vacations should be longer so we can enjoy it more.


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