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  • Richard Jang (G7) Bangbae

Issues that Concern Teenagers

There are many things that concern students’ lives. The problems are huge obstacles for them which could lead to stress and depression. Some problems include getting bullied, drinking alcohol, and using drugs. These problems that affect teenagers are series and cannot be ignored.

The first problem students face may be having psychological illnesses due to pressure in education. Studying too hard could cause a lot of stress for students. According to data by mental healthcare researchers, youths up to 17 have one of the worst conditions of anxiety disorders in 2016-17. Seven out of ten young people voted that mental problems are the major issues that they face. Since psychological illnesses are becoming more common these days, teenagers have to release their stress. I suggest they laugh a lot and engage in their hobbies. It could help them to ease their minds.

To add, another one of the biggest concerns for young adults is bullying—including cyberbullying. Many people think of bullying as a form of torture. From a survey of youth risk behaviors by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, students have exposure to some sort of bullying whether it is in the class or online. Girls, younger students, and people involved in conflicts related to gender identity appear to be the most bullied. Cyberbullying could be even more serious since teachers cannot see it when it is done in a private space. What’s worse is that people who get bullied at school may turn into bullies in cyberspace.

Using alcohol and drugs could be the most serious problem teenagers have. Many students say they do these things because of stress from family, studying, and other issues they face. According to Pew Research Center, 51 percent of teenagers have drug addictions and 45 percent of students drink alcohol even though they know it is hard for them. Some students even use marijuana to forget their worries. Instead of using alcohol and drugs, they should do other things to relieve stress such as exercising and art.

Students these days have troubles that are difficult to fix. These problems lead to anxiety and depression which gives them more stress. Mental health is at risk especially when the students are required to study a lot. Also, bullying in and out of school needs people’s attention. Some students use drugs or drink alcohol to relieve their stress, but things could get worse. In order to live healthy, students would need to find other positive ways to overcome these problems.


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