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  • Sally Shin (G6) Cheongdam

My Dream

Friday…a very good day…I have a music class in school on Friday, but I forgot about it and went to my math academy. When the math class was done I suddenly realized that I didn’t go to the music class. I was doomed! IT was the last class before the musical presentation!! I felt so upset. The next Friday I went to my music class and it was the music presentation time. The presentation was CRAZY! There were no mics and many people forgot the dances and forgot the music. It was actually very CRAZY!

But! It was actually a NIGHTMARE I had had. During the nightmare, I was nervous and embarrassed, but mostly upset. When I woke up I was still nervous about the music presentation and scared that something bad might happen. But, I realized it was just a dream and it didn’t really happen at all. After the dream, I thought I should and needed to practice the must harder.


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