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New Jobs in the Future

What do you want to be when you grow up? In the future, many jobs will appear or disappear depending on how our society changes. New scientific technology, foods, and other things will be introduced when we grow up. Because of this, new jobs such as an insect food developer, a space worker, and a drone pilot may become important in the future.

The first job I want to introduce is the insect food developer. A lot of the farming lands are disappearing because of the pollution, so there may not be much food left in the future. Eating insects would be a good option for people because insects are nutritious. They contain a lot of protein, and they are safe to eat because they are not like plants. The plants that grow on the ground may not be a great source of food for people if the soil is polluted. The job of the insect food developer is to make delicious foods with edible insects. Also, they could help people to learn about how insects can be eaten.

Another job is the space worker. In the future, technology will develop in many ways, so space travel would become possible. For example, with improvements in technology, people would be able to breathe outside the Earth. Many countries would build hotels in space to make money. There would be many jobs related to space travel, like space crews and space traffic controllers. Some people who work on airplanes may end up working in spaceships because both jobs require people to work away from the ground. In spaceships, people would need someone to help the customers and fix machines like in airplanes.

There would also be a job named “a drone pilot.” This person would take care of drones and use them skillfully in many ways. Many companies try to use drones in their work now, so drones would become common very soon. Drones would deliver packages, carry a sick person to the hospital, or record sophisticated videos that normal cameras are unable to do. They would also be used for internet services by supplying internet to faraway places. So, these drone pilots who control drones would be needed in the future.

In the future, many kinds of jobs will appear. Jobs such as insect food developers, space workers, and drone pilots would be helpful for society due to many reasons. I hope this essay helps you to consider the jobs you might want to have in the future.


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