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  • Soobum Lee (G6) Apgujeong

Review: Pacific Rim (2013)

Have you ever seen the movie 'Pacific Rim' (2013) directed by Guillermo del Toro? There are two films in the Pacific Rim series. The first one is 'The Dark Time' and the second one is 'Uprising'. The movie is about some giant aliens, who are known as 'Kaiju', who come to destroy and take over Earth. They come from a place called 'the bridge'. The bridge is a place that connects the Earth and another dimension. From my perspective, it is a great movie and you should try to watch it at least once.

Pacific Rim was a very expensive film to make. The first movie cost 190 million dollars to make. The second movie cost 150 million dollars to make. Pacific Rim uses very enormous things, such as gigantic Jaegers fighting huge, ferocious Kaiju. The weapons are different and more advanced than what we use today. The Kaiju are hideous and very creepy. This movie is not just about small humans or aliens fighting each other. It is about giants versus giants, which is different from the way the Avengers fight. While the Jaegers use huge weapons and power, they have to ride inside the robots and fight the monsters physically.

When the Kaiju came to Earth, people started to make their own robots to fight them. There are more than 27 types of Jaegers in the two films. There are Mark I, Mark 2, Mark 4, Mark 5 and those of unknown classification. When they thought they had beaten the Kaiju, at first, they didn't use them again for a while. However, they have now made pilots. As they were almost broken or old, they made new Jaegers: Gypsy Avenger, Bracer Phoenix, Saber Athena, Titan Redeemer, and the Guardian Bravo. My favorite Jaeger is the Gypsy Avenger. The speed is not that great, but it carries the main character. It also has great weapons, too. The headpiece is the pilot's place. It is ornately decorated with holograms.

There were also drones in Uprising, but they got hacked. In most of the Jaegers, there are people inside the Jaeger. It is manual. However, controlling the drone Jaeger is like a game. You can control it from a long distance. If the drone Jaeger is broken or taken down, it will disconnect and that Jaeger will become junk. Normally, there are people in the Jaeger, so if it is destroyed, people can die. So, it can be safer. However, it eventually got hacked.

Do you know who came to destroy Earth? Yes, it is the Kaiju. There are different types and categories. They are ferocious and terrifying. They have strong and thick skin that is almost impossible to cut through. Some can fly, some can swim, or some can go underground. However, most of them stay on the ground. Most of the Kaiju's body parts can be sold very expensively. However, when you try to go in, you need to wear radiation protecting clothes to collect the parts.

Pacific Rim is a very interesting movie. It is about big Jaegers versus the enormous Kaiju. It is the best movie that I've ever seen. You can buy the film and see it at your home. If you don't see it, you will regret it!


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