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  • Finn Kim (G5) Apgujeong


How do you think robots will become a normal part of our lives? I think there will be delivery robots, factory robots, and nanny robots. Robots will be common in the near future.

Most of these days, there are food delivery robots that you can see in America. They deliver food accurately and quickly. They will replace human workers in the future. If robots enter many countries, consumers will buy the robots and replace many human workers. Then the human workers will not be able to earn money because of the robots. Soon, there will be many impoverished people.

The second robots that will emerge are factory robots. The factory robots will start to operate machinery to build different products. As stated in the last paragraph, factory workers will get replaced by factory robots, so human workers will lose their jobs, leading to more poor people.

The last robots I think will emerge are nanny robots. They will be the most useful robots because they will be helpful for people who have children to take care of. Also, consumers would only need to pay for the robot. The consumers would not need to give a wage to these robots. The nanny robots could help people maintain their houses and raise children.

There are many robots that could soon be a part of our daily lives. Most robots will be very useful for the future. In my opinion, delivery robots will be the most useful in the future because humans need food to survive. In addition, I feel with the introduction of robots, many human workers will lose their jobs.


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