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  • Nicole (G4) Bangbae Branch


Space is an incredible topic to learn about. There are still lots and lots of mysteries unknown in space. Luckily, people found a lot of information about space by traveling and researching.

According to scientists, space was created 13.8 billion years ago due to a huge explosion called Big Bang. It is a theory about how space was formed. Before this huge explosion, space was just a place with almost nothing. Then a very small substance that was extremely tightly packed with lots of energy caused an explosion. Its parts created the stars and the galaxy. Although some people thought it was not true, an astronomer, Edwin Hubble, found the evidence by making observations that showed the universe was expanding.

Another interesting thing about space is black holes. A black hole is a dead star. Normally, stars are made up of 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium. They can burn and release energy which can help them to resist gravity. However, if there is nothing left to burn, they could explode. The exploded star becomes a black hole. A black hole pulls everything near it. It can even kill lots of people if they travel nearby. A black hole is a mass of energy that can pull anything!

At last, there are many kinds of stars in the universe. The first ones are called binary stars. They are two stars that orbit around the same spot. They are included in astrophysics. Astrophysics is a field about stars where chemistry and physics are applied. And being included in this field makes them very important. The next ones are brown dwarves. They are not exactly stars but objects that exist between a planet and a star. They appear to be brown or red when observed. The last types are supergiants. They are one of the heaviest and brightest stars. It could be three thousand to hundreds of thousand times brighter than the sun. Also, its radius is larger than the sun. Because of this, it lives much longer than the other stars.

In conclusion, the Big Bang theory, black holes, and different stars are very important and fun subtopics when learning about space. The Big Bang is a theory of how a very tightly packed substance exploded to become our universe. Also, a black hole is a mass of energy that can suck anything. Many stars such as brown dwarves, binary stars, or supergiants are a part of the universe in which we live. I think learning about this incredible space will be a great help if we want to travel in space in the future.


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