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  • Evelyn Jeon (G5) Daechi

Stop Bullying!

Nowadays, bullying is becoming more common than ever. You can see this reality everywhere in school, public spaces, and especially, news outlets. To uncover this phenomenon, we need to analyze the different types of bullying.

The first type of bullying is verbal. Verbal bullying usually contains saying cruel things to a person, calling them names, making fun of them, threatening, and even trying to make them quit something by spreading false rumors. There is a common thing in verbal bullying, and it can drive victims to be mentally drained, so it is one of the scariest types of bullying according to the victims.

Another type of bullying is social bullying. It is more toxic because it involves other people. They start to embarrass the victims in front of everyone, spread a lot of rumors that make them mentally stressed, and even talking behind their backs which makes the rumor spread faster because people would keep talking about the rumors and spread them.

A more common type of bullying that everyone might have either suffered from or at least heard of is physical bullying. It involves shoving, hitting, spitting at the victims, breaking their belongings, taking their belongings, and kicking. They are all types of physical bullying. Physical bullying is the most identifiable type ever because it leaves trauma, bruise, both physically and mentally.

In conclusion, I think no one deserves to get bullied or try to bully someone. If you see someone getting bullied, you need to act on it and help them.


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