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  • Sunny Hwang (G4) Apgujeong

Sunny and the Dwarf King's Gem

A long time ago, in a forest, lived a boy named Sunny. He was busy packing up with Philip to go on an adventure. The reason they were going on an adventure was to get the shining gem that the dwarf king had. “Philip!” said Sunny, “have you finished packing yet?” “Yes,” said Philip. “I packed up so we’ll be fine for about four days.” “Good,” Sunny replied. Sunny and Philip each took a short sword and tucked them in their pelts. After an hour riding two ponies named Peanut and Walnut, they finally came to a hollow tree.

Just as they were about to sleep, they heard a rustling sound. “Did you hear that?” said Sunny. But Philip was fast asleep. Sunny was forced to go alone, so he took his sword with him. He got closer to the rustling sound. It looked like it was coming from a bush. Inside was an old man with a horse. “Who are you?” Sunny demanded. The man said, “I am a wizard from the north end of the world.” “Are you an enemy or a friend?” Sunny asked. “I am a very good friend and companion,” the wizard said, standing up. The wizard was a tall and thin man with lots of white hair. He was wearing a big grey cloak and had a long staff. The two went back to the tree and slept.

The next morning, Sunny told Philip about the wizard. “It will be good to have a wizard on this team,” Sunny told Philip. The wizard and the dwarfs rode their ponies and horse until they stopped near an enormous cave with a waterfall nearby. Sunny stood guard while the wizard and Philip collected fruits, water, and magical herbs. Then he heard a skittering noise and a horse neighing. Walnut the horse was gone! Sunny called the others and told them what happened. “Do you think we should go inside to capture the animal or human who captured the horse?” Sunny said. “Yes!” Philip said, “without a horse, we can’t go very fast.” They all went in the cave, the wizard in the front, and Philip at the back. As they got in deeper, the wizard lifted his staff and lit the end with magic. Then, Sunny heard the same skittering noise he heard when the horse vanished.

“I think the thing that captured Walnut is here!” Sunny said, brandishing his sword. Then a thick rope as thick as Sunny’s hand appeared from the cave’s ceiling. Then as Sunny started to walk to his friends, he noticed his feet were glued to the floor with webs. “Spiders,” thought Sunny, just before something pinched him on the back, and he blacked out. When Sunny woke up, he found himself in a big net, covered with spider webs. Sunny knew he was stuck in the big net. Just then, he heard a noise. Then suddenly, the wizard was right in front of him. The wizard had used an invisibility cloak to become invisible. “Come in!” whispered the wizard. Sunny drew his sword and cut the nets that bound him. Together, they got into a tunnel. Philip was already inside, looking scared. “Let’s sleep in the cape tonight. I will put some protective spells around us,” the wizard said as he waved his staff and made an invisible protection. As Philip and the wizard slept, Sunny was wide awake because he sensed something and heard voices. Then, the floor of the cave suddenly collapsed.

As they fell, Sunny managed to snatch the wizard’s cloak. In the corner of his eye, he saw the wizard vanishing and Philip falling. Sunny wrapped the cloak around him. He and Philip crashed into a big jail. Soon, some hideous goblins came and carried poor Philip and talked about how they should cook him. Meanwhile, Sunny recovered himself and drew out his sword. The sword was glowing blue because it was an elven sword. Elven swords glow blue when a goblin is near. “This light will help me see better in this dark cave,” thought Sunny. As he walked to help Philip, he noticed that the cave was enormous. It had great bridges, and planks, and goblins everywhere. “I don’t think I can find Philip here,” thought Sunny. Then he saw a big goblin in a throne made out of things that looked like bones. The goblin was saying something to Philip. Then the goblin ordered a goblin to chop Philip up to eat him. As the goblin raised the knife, Sunny ran into him and plunged his sword into the goblin’s heart. The goblin roared and fell to the ground dead.

“There is something invisible there!” the goblin king roared. His great big hand grabbed Sunny. As he did so, the cloak slipped, and the goblins all saw him. “Another dwarf!” the goblin king cackled. “It is plump and healthy – let’s eat him too!” “No!” Sunny cried, as another goblin raised a knife. Just then a great blast of light blinded the goblins. The goblin king dropped Sunny as the light blinded him. Sunny scrambled to his feet and untied Philip. They hid under the wizard’s invisibility cloak. The wizard sent another spell flashing through the cave

“He can’t fight all the goblins himself,” thought Sunny. He threw off the invisibility cloak and started fighting some goblins. Philip fought the goblins, too. But then the wizard saw that more goblins were coming. There were thousands and millions of goblins. “Get out of the cave into the sunlight!” the wizard said, making another spell flash. Sunny and Philip dashed toward an entrance, slashing their swords at the goblins who tried to block them. At last, Sunny managed to get through the entrance and toward the sunlight. The goblins who were still chasing them backed away into the cave. Sunny and Philip still ran until they got by a lake. They took big gulps of water and filled their water bottles. “But where is the wizard?” said Sunny. “I fought as many goblins as I could and came here,” said the wizard.

Later that evening, they made a small fire and ate the rabbits Sunny caught with his bow and arrows. As they were about to sleep, they heard a wolf howl. “Why are wolves in the forest?” Sunny whispered. “That was an orc’s wolf howling,” the wizard answered, “we don’t need to worry about them now.” The next morning, they all woke up feeling refreshed. They walked until it was dark. “Do you see the mountain?” the wizard asked. “Inside there is the palace of the dwarf king.

A few days later, they finally got to the great door. The door was enormous and was made of gold. Sunny pushed the door, but it didn’t open. “Wait,” said the wizard. He threw a giant flash of thunder to a wall in the mountain. The magic didn’t do any harm to the door. The wizard took a book from behind his cloak and read it.


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