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The Best Device: The Computer

Almost every person uses a computer every single day, but most people don’t know a lot about computers. Do you know much about computers? Today, I am going to talk about what the computer looks like, what parts it has and the price of them, how computers work, and how they are used.

First, there are many different kinds of computers. There are square-shaped computers and hexagon-shaped computers, but usually they are square-shaped. Also, some computers can be see-through, which can let you see many different parts of the computer. When it is not see-through, all you can see is a box. Most computers are all 90% black or white. Only a few computers have different colors. They are usually homemade or custom computers. There are lots of different parts in the computer, too. The parts can be different brands, or they can be different things from the same brand. It can be a homemade computer, or it could be a computer that you buy in online shops. So, that’s why there are many different kinds of computers.

Second, there are many different parts and different prices of computers. First all of there is a CPU. The CPU is an electronic device that controls math and logic. It is similar to a human brain. The price is about $550. Next is the main board, which is used to hold the parts (except the case) together. So, it connects the parts. The average price of a main board is around $60. The biggest part of the computer is the case. The case is just for putting all the parts in order for it to stay tidy. It is about $10 to $20. The most expensive part is the graphics card. The graphics card is for the graphics on the screen. It is very important, so it is expensive. The highest price for a graphics card goes up to $4500, but the average price is $2000. The next part is the fan. The fan makes the computer cool, so it doesn’t have a lot of heat. If it has a lot of heat, it might explode which could be dangerous. The fan is around $10, so usually there are three fans, which costs $30. The third most important part is the RAM. RAM is used for memory. The RAM makes space to download files, which is more memory. It is usually $30 for 32GB. The last part is the SSD. SSD is a device that downloads files and makes space for saved files, so it is very similar to RAM. It is about $80. A monitor is not a part, but it is a thing you need with a computer. A monitor is a screen that shows what the computer is doing. The price is about $250. In total, the average price of a computer is $3000.

Last, computers are used in many ways and they give us a lot of benefits. Computers can be used to search for things, buy things, or watch things, but students mostly use them for gaming. The parts in the computer make gaming better and way easier. So that is one of the reasons people buy computers. If you use a computer to search, watch videos, or play games, it might be much faster compared to other devices.

In conclusion, computers are the most useful machines. The parts in the computer make it very fast. Nowadays, it is necessary to have a computer. They are used in an online class or for online work in a job. So, computers are a great device.


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