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  • Sunny Hwang (G5) Apgujeong

The Case of the Missing Hamster

Gregory Walker walked over to his hamster's cage. His hamster's name was Arnold. He was a cute little hamster with golden fur. Arnold usually ate vegetables, fruits, and sometimes dog biscuits.

Today, Gregory had a small tomato to feed him. When Gregory reached the cage, he noticed something odd about it. Usually, when Gregory went to Arnold, he would start squeaking and jumping around. But today, not a sound came from his cage.

Gregory peeked inside and almost fainted because Arnold wasn't there! Gregory called his best friend Josh to tell him about the case.

"Hello?" Josh said. "Arnold's gone!" shouted Gregory. "He was up on the bookcase last night, but now he's gone!"

"Maybe somebody stole him," said Josh.

"Mrs. Mary has a hamster. Let's go and check if her hamster is there!"

A minute later, Gregory and Josh walked over to Mrs. Mary's house. When Gregory rang the bell, Mrs. Mary opened the door.

"Hello?" Gregory said. "Did your hamster get stolen?"

"Yes," Mrs. Mary said, "he was up in his cage yesterday, but now he is gone!"

Another minute later, Gregory and Josh went over to Mr. William's house. He was a tall man, and he had a hamster, too. Gregory and Josh went over and asked if his hamster was stolen. He said no.

"Maybe the burglar will steal his hamster today," said Josh. "Let's come over here at night and see if someone comes."

When it became dark, Gregory and Josh went over to Mr. William's house.

"Where is the bandit?" asked Josh. "Maybe he will be here soon," Gregory whispered back.

At about eleven o'clock, a dark shape suddenly opened the door with a creak.

"Maybe it's the burglar!" Gregory whispered.

After about two minutes, the doors opened again and a figure went out of the room carrying something that was squeaking. "I'm going to the police station, so don't let him get away," said Gregory.

Then he began to run to the police station. Josh waited desperately in the dark, waiting for Gregory.

Suddenly, the burglar noticed Josh was there and began to run.

"Ho!" shouted Josh.

Then suddenly, two policemen burst out of the bushes and went over and said, "You are arrested for stealing the hamsters of Gregory Walker, Mrs. Mary, and Mr. Williams." Then, they slapped handcuffs on the burglar.

Just when the burglar started to walk away, Gregory heard a high-pitched squeaking noise unlike Mr. William's.

"Arnold?" Gregory said.

He reached inside the pocket of the burglar and in his hand was a hamster. Arnold looked a little scared, otherwise, he wasn't hurt.

"Come on, Arnold. Let's go home!" Gregory said.

"Squeak squeak," chirped Arnold.


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