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  • Monica Lee (Jangan)

The Causes and Effects of Obesity

Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly, so food production is also increasing according to countries these days. However, if there is too much food continuously, people would keep eating more than before. Thus, excessive food production could lead to obesity.


Obesity means that there is an excessive amount of fat, which can be a threat to one’s health, inside a person’s body. As a case in point, in America, obesity is not uncommon because America is one of the richest countries, so food is almost overflowing all the time. Naturally, people have started to eat more than before, and it caused obesity rates to grow explosively. The U.S. is the country with the largest number of obese people. The U.S. obesity rate is almost 40%. As for Korea, the adult obesity rate is 5.9%, which is about 1/7 compared to the U.S. Korea is the 31st of 32 advanced countries. However, Covid-19 has a lot of influence of causing many people to be obese. As Covid-19’s confirmed cases are increasing, people do not get out of the house because of fear. If people do not get exercise for a long time. Obesity’s probability will keep increasing too.


There are a lot of things that cause obesity even without Covid-19. People might have obesity naturally, from the day they are born. However, it is mostly because of their wrong eating habits. Such as eating too fast, or eating too much. Also, eating and not exercising much could be a reason for obesity. Even if people don’t eat much, they could get obesity because they would have less calories wasted not doing exercise regularly. Unexpectedly, mental health could lead to obesity, too. If people have depression, they could go on binges often. And, eating too much can result in getting obesity more easily. In fact, there is a result from a group of scientists. Loneliness and psychological pressure can affect the probability of obesity, too. There are a lot of reasons causing obesity, including many things people do not know well.

There are lots of effects from being obese. The probability of another illness increases, such as constipation, or arthritis. If people have obesity, their immunity skills get worse than before having it. They could get diabetes, and some stomach problems, too. For childhood obesity, their growth would stop earlier. Childhood obesity makes children’s fat cells increase, which means one could be obese until they become an adult. Children could get adult diseases or even diabetes. Actually, a 1~2% of elementary, middle school students which have obesity have those diseases. In this case, it is much harder to lose weight, and it becomes easier to gain weight again.


Obesity is a problem for almost all countries. Nowadays, obese people are increasing very quickly even now, especially after the pandemic. To make things worse, the number is increasing every second. People are becoming lazy from all the food production. Thus, from now on, people have to try to avoid obesity and their causes.



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