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  • Chloe Lee (G7) Apgujeong

The Future Society

IT industry, robot cleaner... Do you know what these words are about? Yes, they're keywords about 'future society'. However, future society and those keywords are not a dream anymore. I'm sure that those keywords will be the most used words in a few years. Lots of differences will appear and most of the inventions of our imagination will become true. Now that future society is imminent, wouldn't it be cool to imagine it?

If robot society becomes true, there will be many advantages. Sadly, there are also weaknesses of a robot society. A situation in which a person loses their job is one of a robot society's weaknesses. Because using robots is cheaper and easier, most people who work in service occupations will be fired and robots will work instead of people.

There are also advantages when robots do work instead of people. Robots can do hard and dangerous work, so people don't need to do work that threatens their lives. Also, robots are faster than people, too. Robot workers will save us both money and time.

Lots of new jobs might come out as well. Roboticists, machine engineers, and jobs relating to robots will be famous. As old jobs disappear, more new jobs will come out to upgrade our lives. People who work to create better machines and robots will gradually change our lives.

Even though there are advantages of a robot society, still there are weaknesses too. But as humans have done until these times, we will find a way to solve these weaknesses to make a better world where humans and robots can live together, in peace and happiness. I hope that the day a new society becomes our reality will arrive as soon as it can.


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