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  • Lydia Hong (G5) Bangbae

The Negative Effects of the Internet

The internet is used in our lives every day. We can send emails to other people and buy things from the internet. It makes our lives comfortable, but it also affects our lives negatively. There are three big problems that are caused by this technology.

First of all, many people suffer from cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying on the internet, and it hurts people in many ways. Mentally, it can make people embarrassed or upset. Emotionally, they may feel ashamed or lose interest in things they love. Physically, people can experience symptoms like headaches. Some people who suffer very much might even commit suicide. According to National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teenagers were hurt by cyberbullying in 2016.

Another problem is teenagers becoming unhealthy. If they spend a lot of time using the internet, they might not engage in physical activities. Then, they would gain too much weight due to lack of exercise. Also, their eyesight may be worse because blue light comes from the screen. It is not good for your vision, and it can make one’s eyes dry, sore, or tired. Also, if people are exposed to too much blue light, they can have more health problems.

The last problem is the loss of privacy in our lives. Anyone can discover someone’s personal information by using the internet. If hackers discover someone’s credit card information or social security number, the person might lose their money. A lot of people have trouble because of these privacy issues.

We need to be aware of the negative effects of the internet by teaching students about how the internet affects our lives. Some of the problems like cyberbullying, being unhealthy, or loss of privacy can make people feel miserable. The internet has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages as well. So, we have to use the internet wisely to be more comfortable and safe.


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