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  • Soobum Lee (G6) Apgujeong

The Perfect School

Have you ever thought of being a school principal? Being a school principal will mean you have lots of things to manage. If I was my school principal, I would change the style of the school, the way that students study, and the rules of the school.

The first thing that I would change is that I would make a huge fountain. I will make it at the entrance so everyone can see the fountain when they are coming in. This would make the school a relaxing environment to be in each day. I would also change the entrance. I will make everyone enter with a security card so that a stranger can’t come in. This would help protect the students from any danger. The third thing I would change about the style of the school is the field. In my school, the field is not that great. It is only covered in sand. If I was the principal, I would make the field bigger and grassy. In that way, if someone accidentally falls down, the grass would protect them. The third thing I would change about the style is the playground. My school is not that big. There is not enough playground equipment for the students. I will increase the size of the playground and make more playground equipment. The last thing I will change, or make, is a swimming pool. Most schools don’t have swimming pools. In my school, I would build a swimming pool. I will make a big event for swimming races. I will make a new kind of P.E. class that would allow students to use the swimming pool.

If I was my school principal, I would change the style of how students study. The students will have their own new computer in the school. In my school, we don’t have tablets or computers of our own. We carry books every day. We must change books every 50 minutes. If students use computers or tablets, they can just tap or type. That’s it! I will make them stop using books and let them use computers and tablets. I will even erase exams. Students will not struggle because of the exams. However, I will not fully erase them. Some can be interested, so I will give them the opportunity to do them. In addition, some students can also use paper sheets to do some of their classwork, if they choose. These changes should make school less stressful, which should help students learn better.

I will also change the rules of the school. The rule I will change is that I will increase the amount of lunch or break time. Lunchtime will be two hours and break time will be 15 minutes. These changes would mean that students are not too tired when they are learning. When students have a good break, they will be ready to learn properly. The second rule I would change is that I will allow students to download or play games during lunchtime. I will also allow the students to bring board games, dolls, or gaming devices such as Nintendo, Xbox, or PS4. This would allow students to have more fun during their breaks, which helps them reduce stress. The third rule I would change is that I will allow students to use school equipment. In my school, they don’t allow us to use equipment because of accidents. However, I will allow them to use the equipment and make them aware of safety issues.

If I was a school principal, I would change or make new things, change rules, and change the style of learning. Students would feel more relaxed, less stressed, and be able to focus on their learning. In these ways, I’ll make a fun and perfect school for every student.


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