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The Reunification of North and South Korea

Have you ever thought about North and South Korea being unified? Many people hope for North and South Korea to become one. If North and South Korea become one country, a lot of changes will happen in Korea. Most importantly, there will be huge changes that impact people and society, too. Let me tell you what will happen if North and South Korea become unified.

First, there will be a lot of changes to people on both sides of the border. A long time ago, when North and South Korea got separated, many families got separated, too. So, if North and South are unified, families can be reunited. If both sides get unified, there will be new people in our country. They can feel strange because the cultures of the North and South are different, but they can make new friends and have new experiences. There can be new products coming out for customers to buy. If North Koreans come, they have their own style, so companies are going to make new things.

Also, there will be changes to our society. First of all, there might be more taxes. If North and South get unified, there will be more people. Then more people will work, so they will pay more taxes. If the two countries are unified, the North and South’s military will be united. Then, our country is going to be much stronger than before. Young kids won’t have to go to the military because the main reason that South Koreans are going to the military is because there might be a war with North Korea. So, if the North and South become unified, they cannot go to the military. Only people who want to go will decide to go. Also, languages can change. Right now, the North and South’s language is kind of different. The North uses pure Korean, and the South mixes American English and the Korean language. So, there might be changes when uniting the languages.

Do you think people will be welcomed? I think the South is going to welcome North Koreans because right now, they are welcoming people from North Korea who escaped. However, North Koreans might not welcome us even though we are welcoming them. North Koreans don’t have a lot of information about the South because they are limited, so they might feel uncertain about the South. But, still I think both countries are going to welcome each other. If not, it would be awful and could feel like you are in a country with strangers.

All things considered, North and South’s reunification is positive. In order for it to run smoothly, people should be positive about the changes and society should change to be better than before. Also, people should be welcomed on both sides. So, I think North and South Korea being unified is better than being separated.


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