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  • Sun Hwang (Grade 4) Apgujeong

The Time Machine

Finn was making a time machine with his friend John. Finn was fixing the control panel when John pushed a button that said “on.” As John pushed the button, everything went black. When Finn opened his eyes, he noticed the time machine was gone. “Are you okay?” he asked John. “Yeah,” John said. “Come down here!” Finn went down to John. “What button did you push?” Finn asked. “The little red one that said on,” John replied. “Did you see these eggs?” He was pointing to an egg two times bigger than him. “What kind of eggs are they?” “I think they are dinosaur eggs,” said Finn, pointing to a big dinosaur with a long neck.

“Look!” said Finn suddenly, pointing at the dinosaur’s mouth. “It’s the time machine.” John took out his binoculars and looked at the dinosaur. “It is the time machine!” he said. “Let’s get it!” said Finn. “How do we get the time machine?” asked John. “Let’s climb its tail!” They climbed the tail with Finn’s lasso and climbed until they got up to the dinosaur’s head. “Who will climb inside its mouth?” said John. “I will,” said Finn. He climbed the dinosaur until he got to its mouth. “Did you see the time machine?” “Yes,” Finn said. “I can climb from here.” Finn climbed the time machine, but the time machine suddenly plummeted down.

“The time machine is slipping into the dinosaur’s mouth!” Finn screamed as the time machine slipped into the dinosaur’s mouth. John said, “I’ll save you!” and jumped after Finn. He toppled down until he reached a slimy, dark tunnel. “Finn?” John yelled. “I’m here!” somebody said in a muffled voice. “Where?” “In the hole of the tunnel!” As John got closer, he accidentally stepped on Finn’s nose. “Ouch!” Finn said. “Where is the time machine?” John asked. “It’s down here,” Finn answered. “Come in!” John squeezed through the small tunnel into a bigger tunnel. He could see the time machine behind Finn.

“Do you think the machine will work?” John asked. “I think so,” Finn said. Finn and John turned the machine on. Everything went pitch black and Finn and John were back in their house.


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