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  • Lena Koo (G5) Bangbae

Things Robots Can Do in Our Daily Lives

Robots are a very interesting machinery. They can usually walk, and with a bit of coding, make sounds. Some particular ones can even change colors! But what if high leveled, human-like robots can help us in our everyday lives? They could do all sorts of things—maybe even some chores or babysitting the kids! Overall, robots can be a part of our daily lives if we use them for the right purpose.

First, robots can help us with our chores! Usually, our parents take care of the house or ask us to do it. What if robots could help us with all the work like washing the dishes, throwing trash away, and going grocery shopping? This will save so much time for both the parents and children. Kids can be more productive in the time they usually do their housework. Parents will definitely have more time to spend with their children because they have fewer things to take care of.

Since robots are very intelligent, they can provide cheaper and longer tutoring programs for children. They can teach math, history, and English as those are the most essential subjects to learn. For the payment, it would make more sense if it was free. Unless people rent the robots, they don’t have to pay because it is their property. An advantage is that robots, unlike humans, won’t make any errors while explaining ideas. They can provide visual aid such as PowerPoints and presentations to describe things in a simpler way.

Lastly, robots can manage our screen time. In 2022, we humans are on our devices so often! That is why companies like Apple made functions to reduce our screen time. Basically, the parent or head of the group can choose how long we can use a specific app. Robots might be able to do the same thing more efficiently! For example, on an iPad, there are lots of bugs or glitches, but there would be fewer bugs on the robot system. Parents can just easily shut the iPad off, you might think. However, the children can just turn the iPad back on because they will do ANYTHING just to get their iPads back! Also, robots can track what iPad you use the most and inform the guardian on how to reduce the usage of that app.

In conclusion, robots can be beneficial in our lives if we use them for the right things. They can do chores to increase family time, and this will allow us more time to be productive. They can use their intelligence for tutoring programs as well. They can search various subjects for the children at once. They can also manage people’s screen time more effectively. That is why I believe robots will stay with us every day!


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