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  • Danny Lee (G6) Apgujeong

Why the Korean Vacation Tradition has to Change

Each country has its own school rules and regulations. However, Korea has a little divergent rule from other countries, such as winter and summer vacations having the same length. Do you think Korea’s tradition of vacations has to change?

Other countries, especially France, have three months of summer vacation and get a shorter winter vacation. If you don’t go to school in the hot season, you can rest and not get stressed by studying in the hot weather. However, some people worry about students being neglected for three months with no education. In fact, there are summer schools for students with working moms and dads. Also, academies make more homework for students on vacation. So, if their parents make an effort, they won’t lose their knowledge.

On the other hand, Korea has one month of summer vacation, another month of winter vacation, and two weeks of spring vacation. I am not a fan of this system. The main reason is that I don’t like studying in hot weather. Even if there are air conditioners, it’s hot on the way to school. It feels disgusting. However, if you have a long summer vacation and a short winter break, people won’t get stressed by the hot weather of summer and will study comfortably. However, some will ask about the cold weather of winter. Sure, there is cold weather that makes students suffer, but there are lots of fun activities that you can enjoy in winter, such as snowball fights, sleigh rides, and ice skating. Also, you can play those games with lots of people after school.

So, there are the reasons why Korea has to change its system. Students get stressed by the short break, comparing the amount of work they did before vacation. Students can learn different things by relaxing and vibing around with no pressure from school, academies, and homework. Finally, if students study in a hot environment, they won’t be able to concentrate on their work and study, which is not an efficient way to spent their time.


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