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Seodaemun Prison

February 12, 2020

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There are a few countries that I want to visit. However, the country I want to visit the most is England. If I go there, I would go to an EPL game, Ki...

Cooking is one of my favorite activities. So I've got an idea for a cooking app! This app will be called "C.E". It means "Cooking Easier". Just like i...


 These days there are many more people with unique pets than ever before. If you want to read about getting a unique but easy pet, read this...


      Did you know that plastic, which is very familiar to us, is the culprit of environmental pollution? Of course, ther...

February 12, 2020


   There are many popular and famous carnivals all around the world. Most of them are famous because of the size and popularity, like the Carnival i...

    From 1910 to 1945, Japan created the Eulsa Treaty and colonized South Korea. During the occupation, Japanese soldiers killed Korean citizens and,...


 Visiting other countries is one of my favorite activities. I feel happiness and excitement when I learn and play during my visit to other coun...

December 11, 2019

One day, I was going to my academy. I took the elevator and went to the 4th floor. It should have been my academy, but it was a maze. I wanted to go b...

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