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My Perspectives on Materialism

November 5, 2019

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December 11, 2019

One day, I was going to my academy. I took the elevator and went to the 4th floor. It should have been my academy, but it was a maze. I wanted to go back down, but the elevator was locked. So, I just went inside the maze. I was so scared. The maze was never-ending, so...

“Hey is anybody there?” she shouted.

“I’m stuck!” she shouted again.

She wanted to stay in the dream but suddenly she couldn’t get out.

“Help!” she kept shouting but it echoed everywhere with no reply.

“How can I get out of this dream?” she thought.

She was a cat called Lil...

'Materialism.' This word is becoming popular these days. The reason why it is popular is because it's 'happening.' To stop materialism, I want to explain about materialism, and I want to explain about materialism's seriousness.

Preferentially, I'll introduce about mate...

Do you think you will have a kid? Do you think you could take good care of your baby? Do you think your kid will grow up to be a good man or a woman? Basically, I am scared of being a mom and having a baby, but if I do, I will try what I have thought about. 

In modern days, students are being painted. Some of them white, and some of them black.

The first paint is 'study'. Firstly, I'll introduce black 'study' paint. These days, students have too much studying to do. In my case, I have 9 academies, and 4 physical education &...

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