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Travel Through the Time Slopes

June 12, 2020

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These days, media is the most important and helpful thing in our life. Especially, one of the most powerful media is YouTube. Have you ever watched Yo...

Have you ever imagined that you could observe yourself from another person’s perspective? I never imagined that before, but since I chose this topic f...

  When I was five, I went out to the zoo inside of my house to watch the rainbow with mom, dad, and the servants. It was the first time I’d ever seen...

“What is time?” Some people think of it like space while others think there is no such thing as “time”. But, this man, Karl Leafwood, thought of it as...

     Have you ever thought of winning a million dollars in the lottery? If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I will build a tree house just for...

            Congratulations! You won a million dollars in the lottery. What would you do if you heard this news? If I were you, I would buy what I wan...

 Have you imagined how other people look at you? Aren’t you curious? From now on, I’ll pretend I can observe ‘Jenna Yoo’ from others’ perspectives.


     Imagine yourself, winning a million dollars in the lottery. What would you do with it? Buy something you want or save some of it? Well, I am goin...

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