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[Best Book Review] The Great Gatsby: Revenge, Revenge, and Death

March 13, 2020

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Baseball’s true highlight is not in the game, but it is more for the fans’ supporting. Every game in every season is very competitive. Fans are desper...

Do you like movies or dramas? I love them. I want to recommend you my favorite drama, ‘Anne with an E.’ 

‘Anne with an E’ is a drama from CBC, which wa...

     Do you have any differences between last year and this year at school? I think all the students have at least some differences. Because they have...

     There is a big trend starting from Korea. It’s…Frothy Coffee!

    Some people would be curious. “What is Frothy Coffee?” “What would...


    Where will you go if you have a chance to go to any country? If I were you, I would go to Australia. I went there three years ago, b...

    I have visited many kinds of restaurants during my past 12 years, and I'd like to introduce you to my favorite place.

     The name of this pl...

Going on a trip is one of the happiest moments in life, isn’t it?

I’ve gone on many interesting trips during my short life. But the most memorable time...

Nick was a gentleman. He had a fine job and appearance. However, he experienced a bloody tragedy. This was because of crime, murder, and even a misund...

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